What’s a meeting like ?

These are the components of a typical m-LAH meeting :
  ●   1 facilitator
  ●   6 members
  ●   60 mins duration (approx.)

Group members talk about what they have done.
Group members talk about what they want to do
Group members then receive feedback from other members.

The facilitator ensures that each member talks in turn and that the meeting doesn’t over-run.

Every meeting has the same three part structure

  1.   Preamble
  3.   Close

The most important part of the preamble is reading the mLAH Group Culture.
The mLAH Group Culture sets the tone for the whole meeting.
But the preamble also covers :
greeting new members
agreeing on duration
meeting conduct

Groups are responsible for running themselves, so members may want to discuss conduct.
Discussions on conduct are normally concerned with matters such as completing surveys.
But discussion on conduct might also address bad behaviour or uninviting members.
Please read ‘If things go wrong’ to understand how m-LAH deals with bad behaviour.

Shares are at the heart of m-LAH.
m-LAH meetings give members space to share honestly about their struggles & ambitions.

Each member shares in turn :
reflects upon their activities since the last meeting
did they achieve that which they wanted to achieve ?
articulates their ambitions
the activities they want to complete
receives feedback from each member in turn

The facilitator should ensure that activities proposed by members are measurable.
Ambitions such as ‘try harder’ are not measurable.
At the end of the share the ambitions are entered into the m-LAH app.

The close is very short.
The group decides the time of the next meeting,
Some groups take part in the Bid of Thanks.
The meeting closes.