Ofsted & m-LAH

Ofsted Requirement for Mental Health Provision
Ofsted changed its inspection framework in 2019.
For the first time, Ofsted requires Mental Health provision.
Under the ‘Personal Development’ there is a requirement for schools to address Mental Health. You can read the Osted framework here.

m-LAH and Ofsted
m-LAH has been designed to address the Ofsted Mental Health requirements. m-LAH is designed to be an entry-level Mental Health tool. And because m-LAH is delivered by sixth-form students, every child in the school can have access. For the first time, Mental Health provision is not limited by budget.

  • designed to address Ofsted MH requirements
  • entry-level Mental Health provision
  • every child has access because delivered by students

m-LAH and School Counsellors
m-LAH is often used in conjuction with a school counsellor.
Neither m-LAH nor counselling is a silver bullet for Mental Health issues. Both counselling and m-LAH are tools that might be used to address Mental Health issues. m-LAH is designed to be delivered by sixth-form students and so its low-cost model allows it to be offered to all students.